Software - Hardware - Engineering Services

Originally founded in 1963 as an engineering firm, KISTERS is today a medium-sized company that develops software for the sustainable management of energy, water and air resources, environmental protection and safety, logistics, monitoring and 3D viewing. The business unit hardware of KISTERS AG offers large-format printers (2D and 3D), scanners and much more. The company is also still active in the area of engineering services.

KISTERS is very much in-demand as a solutions partner due to its expertise, operational experience and industry knowledge. It has over 750 employees, is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and has numerous offices in Germany and subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. KISTERS systems are used throughout the world.

“Direct dialog, fairness, a cooperative management style and mutual respect are central elements of our corporate culture. As a company with an international focus and employees of many nationalities, our approach here is a very deliberate one – particularly in the context of different cultures, viewpoints and life experiences. We aim to live and value diversity, including the diversity of our business partners with whom we maintain long-term close relationships based on mutual respect.”
Klaus Kisters, Management Board

“Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. With our expertise and service offerings we help customers solve a diverse range of problems in the most efficient manner possible. We not only provide traditional support directly to the customer, but also a wide range of “as a service” solutions through our certified IT infrastructure. This allows us to quickly and effectively respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers and thereby ensure a long and successful relationship with them.”
Dr. Jürgen Stein, Head of Environmental Informatics

“Modern information technology is absolutely essential for the effective operation and optimization of energy management systems and networks. The high level of digitalization we currently see is bringing many new opportunities for the entire industry. KISTERS solutions for regulated and non-regulated markets combine the latest software technologies with our extensive experience and knowledge within the energy sector. We can therefore support our customers not only in their day-to-day business, but also in the development of new business models.”
Dr. Markus Probst - Business Unit Energy, Sales Manager

“Our solutions have become a central component of the global water management sector. They are used by government agencies, ministries, public water associations and industrial companies throughout the world to assess and manage water resources in both quantity and quality. To help mitigate the impact of climate change, our solutions are designed to analyze long-term trends, ensure supply security, warn urban environments and critical infrastructures of heavy rainfall and inform the public and private sector of extreme situations in time. KISTERS offers a valuable combination of technology and expertise to achieve a more sustainable approach to water resource management.”
Dirk Schwanenberg, Head of Business Unit Water

“The business unit monitoring allows KISTERS to expand its market presence to include proven and innovative measurement devices and data loggers, as well as customized turnkey measurement system solutions. Direct collaboration between the business units monitoring and software means that complete solutions can be created from a single source. Thanks to their robust construction and high manufacturing quality, these measurement devices offer reliable and long-term operation under harsh environmental and industrial conditions.”
Dr. Anton Felder -  Head of Business Unit Monitoring

“KISTERS EHS software (Environment, Health & Safety) is the ace up your sleeve when it comes to occupational safety, hazardous substances and environmental protection. Experienced teams in our Duisburg office are developing different software products for public and private sector use that feature a wide spectrum of “out of the box” applications. We can also make custom changes to our software, which is something our customers value very highly. Feedback from users flows directly into our software updates. As a result, our EHS software relies on user input to ensure effective real-world use.“
Dr. Marcus Lempert - Business Unit EHS, Manager

“Decades of experience in environmental consulting combined with extensive IT expertise allow the engineers of KISTERS to create environmental solutions that you can rely on. In close cooperation with customers, we turn data into useful information so that we can develop investment-safe plans for the future.”
Marc Hoffmann, Project Manager for Engineering Services

“KISTERS has 25 years of experience in intelligent 3D visualization. Our 3DViewStation, the most universal and powerful solution on the market in this area, gives customers the tools to make efficient use of their CAD, Office or scanned data in all business areas. It can also be accessed via the web or integrated into a PLM system.”
Germar Nikol, Manager for 3D Viewer