Intelligent and fast 3D & 2D visualisation

The KISTERS 3D ViewStation® is an extremely high-performance 3D viewer, a 3D CAD analysis and digital mock-up tool (DMU) with a modern office interface. With KISTERS 3D ViewStation you can merge files from different CAD applications, perform dimensioning and sectioning based on precise geometry data, perform version comparisons, generate exploded views, animations or position numbers and convert data into common 3D and 2D formats (e.g. 3D-PDF, IGES, JTOpen, 2D-PDF, etc.).

The 3D ViewStation is suitable for

  • daily use on desktops
  • mobile users
  • complex integration into company solutions such as PLM systems, product configurators, after-sales applications
  • VR / AR / MR
  • advanced modules for analysis, know-how protection and data reduction


KISTERS 3D Viewstation

The current contact details of the 3D Viewstation team can be found at: