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KISTERS EHS software (Environment, Health & Safety) - occupational safety, hazardous substances and dangerous goods

A software solution for all tasks related to occupational safety, hazardous substances and dangerous goods

Business Unit EHS – Environment, Health & Safety

Software solutions for government agencies and companies

The business unit EHS offers a wide spectrum of solutions dealing with environmental protection, occupational safety and hazardous substances. Our management systems provide support in the areas of application, production, storage, identification, documentation, registration, shipping, training and other scenarios. KISTERS EHS software implements statutory requirements, ensures activities are legally compliant and forms a central platform for compliance management.

The portfolio provides management and specialist employees with the right tool:

  • Occupational safety
  • Electronic training
  • Safety data sheet
  • Dangerous goods management
  • Hazardous substances information system
  • Environmental information system
  • Occupational safety management

Business Unit EHS – Environment, Health & Safety

KISTERS EHS software (Environment, Health & Safety) is the ace up your sleeve when it comes to occupational safety, hazardous substances and dangerous goods.


Occupational safety

WAUplus is a software solution for a structured approach to occupational safety.

Safety data sheet

SoCaL is a modern web-based software for creating safety data sheets.

Dangerous goods management

TRANSEC is a KISTERS solution based on very high-quality data. Data for road transport, ...

Information system for hazardous substances

IGS offers comprehensive information for a variety of application scenarios. The database contains information on over 30,000 substances ...

Environmental information system

K3-Umwelt, an information system for environmental management, offers environmental agencies a complete portfolio for managing environmental data ...


Occupational safety management

IFAS, an information system for occupational safety, is the standard software solution for occupational safety management, ...

EHS – Environment, Health & Safety

Our software systems are currently responsible for environmental protection and occupational safety in thousands of cases


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