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Planning for practical use

Environmental consulting

Engineering services / environmental consulting

Practically feasible projects in documents, plans and construction supervision

The construction engineers and hydrologists of the business unit for environmental consulting carry out projects related to residential water management, road construction, municipal engineering, development, engineering surveying and hydraulic engineering and management. By bundling engineering and IT expertise, we can deliver results-oriented projects in the form of documents, plans and construction supervision so that our clients are not bewildered by confusing data.


Out offer: real-world planning for

  • Urban drainage
  • Sewer databases
  • Water management
  • Civil engineering and road construction
  • Specialties

Engineering services: Our core competence from the start

KISTERS, the leading software provider for environmental informatics, was founded in 1963 as a regional engineering firm for water management and civil engineering. The business unit “Civil engineering and environmental consulting” is the modern interpretation of our original approach.


Urban drainage

Sustainable planning of public services in times of global change and higher environmental awareness


Sewer databases

From pure data to practical information


Water management

From hydrological information system and expansion planning to structural implementation (and back)


Civil engineering and road construction

Modern infrastructure for modern demands



Unique solutions from experts

Construction engineers, computer scientists and hydrologists work together on projects in the areas of residential water management, road construction and development, engineering surveying, hydraulic engineering and water management. In terms of planning services, they also benefit from KISTERS’ expertise in information technology and software. In addition, years of market experience and our engineering and IT expertise ensure effective and practical work that not only looks good on the monitor but also functions well in the real world. The result: real-world planning for our customers.


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