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We offer a unique combination of software and water domain experts. With interdisciplinary and international teams of experts we are able to provide professional software solutions for the water industries and deliver it straight into various geographical markets. Global expertise for all facets of water are managed between North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Each area of expertise is closely connected with the industry’s communities. The bidirectional transfer of knowledge and capacity building is a key factor for us to continue to work for the market and its requirements.

Floods under control

Sometimes it is a long-lasting downpour, sometimes a single heavy rainfall event - when the amount of rain exceeds the capacity of soils, streams and rivers, rainwater retention basins and sewage systems, this can lead to floods and flash floods with serious consequences. Then human lives are at stake, landslides destroy buildings and transport routes, supply chains are blocked, water masses damage utility infrastructures and buildings, insurance companies have to pay enormous compensation ... The scale of these extreme events can be enormous.

With the aim of increasing protection for infrastructure and people, information must be transmitted to those affected and decision-makers in good time and warnings must be issued with location accuracy. Software solutions can support such decisions and actions. In concrete terms, this means: collecting data, analysing it, converting it into meaningful information and deriving decisions or actions (e.g. triggering alarms). The KISTERS Group offers a modular overall solution for precisely this process.

Condensing measurement networks easily

For decision-makers on site, it is important to be reliably and continuously informed about local precipitation amounts, water levels and discharges during an extreme event. Supplementing the official measuring networks with own measuring points equipped with modern sensor technology is a very effective approach to this. In this way, critical and vulnerable infrastructures as well as places that are particularly frequently affected by heavy rain and flash floods can be continuously monitored. Whether rainwater retention areas located under the road surface in the middle of a residential area, near-natural river floodplains or infiltration areas, flat roofs or artificial lakes - KISTERS subsidiary HyQuest Solutions offers the right combination of sensor and data logger for every location. The measuring devices can be connected to a data centre easily, cost-effectively, quickly and autonomously. With a self-sufficient data transmission - because it is independent of mobile phone networks - a robust IoT (Internet of Things) measuring network is created that functions in the event of a failure of overloaded mobile phone networks in the event of a disaster. All systems are either solar-powered or designed to be so energy-efficient that operation over several years without battery replacement is also possible.

Forecast, analysis, warnings

A new type of rain radar, jointly developed by KISTERS and the radar technology specialist Gamic GmbH, observes precipitation fields within a radius of 80 km with a spatial resolution of 25x25 metres and provides forecasts for the next three hours. From the rain radar data, meaningful information is created in real time in the HydroMaster cloud solution specifically for your regions, such as river catchment areas, city districts or inner-city drainage areas. This allows you to observe approaching precipitation fields, analyse possible effects and be able to warn and take measures at an early stage.

Comprehensive picture of the overall situation

The KISTERS data centre datasphere allows direct access to the measured values from your own network via your web browser - without any software installation on your computer. In datasphere you not only see the development of the measured values in graphs, but you can also define limit values for each sensor, which trigger alarms when exceeded. Forecasts for your own area (e.g. from HydroMaster) can be integrated as well as data from external measurement networks (e.g. Open Data) and live images from web cams. This gives you a complete picture of the situation in your own monitoring network and neighbouring regions in almost real time.

Cloud solutions: Simple, affordable, flexible

HydroMaster and datasphere are available as a cloud solution (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS), which means: modern, highly available systems at manageable monthly costs. We run the software for your company in the certified KISTERS cloud and your employees use it via their web browser. We relieve you of tasks related to the functioning of the IT, so that you can concentrate exclusively on the core business tasks. Your company requires neither expensive IT infrastructure nor qualified IT staff to operate the software.

Our solutions for Flood protection and prevention:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | WISKI Web 3.0 | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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Surface Water Hydrology

We enable you to integrate and manage your water resource data into a professional digital environment

Our water resources are limited and unevenly distributed over space and time. Reliable information is key to map, analyse, and manage the historical and current state of water systems as well as forecast such systems either under daily conditions or during extreme events. High quality and well integrated quantitative data as well as the reliable and scalable application of business processes for derived products are the foundation for water managers and decision makers to take transparent actions in an intuitive, timely and situational context.

Our solutions for Surface Water Hydrology:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | KiWQM | KiECO | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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Groundwater Hydrology

We enable you to manage and integrate the world’s water resource into a professional digital environment

Our expertise supports groundwater managers to integrate and analyse the data they need to effectively manage groundwater resources.  We help to make better decisions by ensuring timely, error-free and accessible data.  Our Groundwater Expertise is trusted by water agencies around the world to manage groundwater data for over 500,000 groundwater wells.

Our solutions for Groundwater Hydrology:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | KiWQM | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | Optimisation and Forecast

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Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystems

Achieve a holistic view on the overall environmental state of aquatic, riverine and terrestrial ecosystems.

The quality of water resources and aquatic ecosystems is of increasing importance to water managers world-wide. Water quality assessment is essential not only in natural water systems like surface water bodies or groundwater aquifers but also in industrial environments, e.g. for drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, or water management processes within the mining industry. On a global scale there is a clear focus on and commitment to protecting water bodies, maintaining rich aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems as well as ensuring public health standards.

Our solutions for Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystems:

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Meteorology and Climatology

KISTERS meteo bridges weather, and climate information with on ground processes for meaningful insights

Weather refers to the highly dynamic day-to-day state of the atmosphere, whereas climate describes weather statistics over longer periods of time. A particular focus of stakeholders is the frequency and impact of severe events ranging from short thunderstorms to multi-year droughts. Due to the intensifying process of urbanisation and, population growth, combined with climate change, risk of life in addition to risk of damages and disruptions are more significant than ever. High intensity events such as heat waves, frosts, and flooding need to be verified, crosschecked and reported to decision makers with sufficient lead time to respond to the extremes.

Our solutions for Meteorology and Climatology:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | Optimisation and Forecast

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Urban Water Systems

Transform your issues to an adaptive Urban Water Management

Urban water systems are rarely dimensioned for severe urban rainfall events and due to the increased urbanisation, more and more assets are at risk of flooding and inundation. Today modern city development has to consider an adaptive storm water management. Controlled routing of urban runoffs and the identification of additional retention areas build an efficient and sustainable solution to better control the urban water. The flood damage to infrastructure and assets as well as the ecological impact of overflows into natural waters can be significantly reduced when you have all your monitoring data accessible in one point.

The KISTERS solutions help you to address the issues and transform them to an adaptive urban water management.

Our solutions for Urban Water Systems:
WISKI | HydroMaster | KiWQM | WISKI Web 3.0 | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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Resources Management

Many industries heavily rely on the efficient use of water and related resources such as energy

Operators of multi-purpose reservoir systems, hydropower companies, mining enterprises, agriculture, food and drink companies among others benefit from our experts who understand your business case and related processes.

We support your goals to manage your assets in a more sustainable, efficient and profitable way; meet legal requirements and comply with environmental obligations; and further optimise your operations to get ahead of your competition. Our industry knowledge and tools cover monitoring and data management as well as state-of-the-art data analytics solutions to help you better understand the current state of your system, predict future states over multiple time scales, and make robust decisions.

Our solutions for Resources Management:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | KiWQM | KiECO | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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