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We carefully listen to our industries and conjugate their requirements into on-the-point applications and solutions. This adaption of customer workflows and processes is only possible with a strong water solution framework in the background. Tailored intuitive and personalized frontends in the language or our customers – combined with the highly scalable, resilient and process proven KISTERS WATER backend- is our unique offer to the Water industry.

KISTERS Water Solutions are deployed at hundreds of customer sites with many thousands of licenses worldwide.

Intergovernmental Organisations

Intergovernmental organisations establish data centres to manage water resources across the borders. Organisations such as the European Commission (EC) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) or the community driven organisation of the academic and research sector establish data collection centres to better integrate and share water resource data.

National, Federal, State, Provincial and Regional Agencies

On a global scale there is a clear objective and commitment to protect and regulate the water bodies. Government agencies develop and monitor water resource plans to manage the use and the availability of surface water and groundwater. The quality of water resources and aquatic ecosystems receive growing attention from water managers. The definition of compliancy standards is one of the key tasks to fulfil to national regulations and federal laws.

Our solutions for Intergovernmental Organisations / National, Federal, State, Provincial and Regional Agencies:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | KiWQM | KiECO | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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One issue common to small, medium-sized, and larger cities is the management of sewage and storm water within their urban environment. Never than before it is essential to enable cities and municipalities to be better prepared against climate change related impacts on their networks and treatment plants. Since drainage networks are rarely dimensioned to cope with runoffs from severe urban rainfall events the challenge is to identify and respond to vulnerable conditions. Data driven decisions help to minimise the impact of urban flooding and inundations while maintaining control over overflows into watersheds, rivers and natural basins.

The KISTERS solutions help to build a reliable data management backbone to comply to the growing number and complexity in state regulations and reporting.

Our solutions for Cities and Local Government:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | KiWQM | KiECO | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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The diverse activities operated by water utilities rely on real time and high quality data: from raw water intake, drinking water treatment, and maintenance of the water supply network to consumers and conveyance of treated wastewater. Consequently water utilities today must be efficient, well aware of opportunities and threats, and service-oriented to meet their commitments and annual targets.

Our solutions for Water Utilities and Waste Water:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | KiWQM | KiECO | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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Mine operators must have a water management plan at hand that ensures compliancy to local environmental regulations. Groundwater, surface water and meteorological sensor networks are established to monitor the mine surrounding water in quantity and quality cycle. Treatment processes are in place to ensure that the mine water complies with the required standard and does not cause pollution when discharged back into the water cycle. When not monitored and optimized, mining water management requires cost intensive water operations.

Our solutions for Mining Industry:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | KiWQM | KiECO | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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Agricultural ecosystems are increasingly affected by climate change. Changes in precipitation patterns, increasing number of extreme weather events, abnormal drought conditions, and rising temperatures are causing measurable impact on the agriculture, forestry and fishing industries. Responding to climate change requires the establishment of sustainable agricultural practices and climate change aware processes.

Our solutions for Agriculture:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | KiWQM | KiECO | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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Achieve full efficiency from projects with your reservoirs, run-of-the-river plants and pumped-storage hydroelectricity!

KISTERS supports your goals with state-of-the-art data storage, analytics and modelling tools. We offer a fully integrated solution for the management of data from the domains of hydropower, meteorology, hydrology, and water quality, amongst others. The same solution serves as single source of truth for noncontinuous data, times series, and meta data. Advanced data validation techniques will raise the quality of your data to a level qualified to serve as an input for decision making, reporting, digital twins and machine learning. Maximize the benefits from your assets by applying real-time optimization algorithms to meet goals such as generation trajectories, respond to peak electricity demands, maximize profits with trading suggestions - all under consideration of environmental constraints and legal requirements.


KISTERS Water Solutions are designed to provide a holistic view of your hydropower system

  • Integrated data management
    KISTERS Water Solutions centralize data from domains such as hydropower, meteorology, hydrology, water chemistry, ecology and biology. Harmonize continuous time series with discrete water sampling events and bioassessments. Dedicated customization options enable you to structure your business, analyze, report and visualize the data in web-based GUIs or public web pages. In addition, your organization can grant secure RESTAPI access to internal or external downstream users.
  • Data validation and analytics
    High data quality is essential to deriving robust decisions from your data. KISTERS data validation framework supports automated validation, editing, and estimation. It includes a large set of dedicated techniques applied and reinforced by our global community of software users. Python can be used to modify existing rules or create new ones; our data science team has adopted it and provides training for you if you prefer to script for yourself. Finally, the web GUI focuses on the efficient detection, drill down and correction of data issues.
  • Hydropower-specific applications
    Our domain experts tailor applications to your specific needs. This includes specific data entry masks, dam safety portals as well as operator dashboards, inflow forecasts for your reservoirs, or AI-based (artificial intelligence) forecasts for electricity demand and price, among others.
  • Electric power dispatch and distribution
    Real-time optimization algorithms help dispatch and distribute energy on time scales from short-term to long-term. Derive optimization models directly from industry-standard hydraulic models, such as HEC-RAS. Within the Operations Planning web interface, add and prioritize goals for objectives and constraints, define scenarios, and then run the models. The state-of-the-art optimization solver generates a robust and stable decision under consideration of forecast uncertainty - delivering unbeaten added value.

Solution architecture

KISTERS Water Solutions can be deployed on-premise, hosted in the ISO 27001 certified KISTERS data center or in the cloud service provider of your choice. The hybrid solution combines the best of both worlds; access large-scale gridded datasets of reanalysis data or numerical weather predictions (NWP) from our multi-tenant cloud solution known as datasphere for integration into your on-premise data center.

Systems of every size

In order to derive meaningful and reliable insights from the ever-growing volumes of data and to adapt to the increasing demand for derived data products, our software systems must be scalable right from the start. KISTERS Water Solutions have been developed to grow with you and your requirements. Using server-side clustering, KISTERS technology enables you to process a larger volume of data, at higher resolutions, and generate a larger number of derived data products and analyses. This way, they can withstand future requirements, foreseen and unanticipated – producing more value from your investment today.

Our solutions for Hydropower and Reservoirs:
WISKI | KISTERS datasphere | HydroMaster | KiWQM | KiECO | WISKI Web 3.0 | FieldVisits | BIBER | SKED | Optimisation and Forecast

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