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High-resolution precipitation radar data for research project ISRV

202-05-02 | Intelligent flood risk warning based on radar data and measurement data from rain sensors

After providing the real-time data flow of our X-band radar in Aachen, the ISRV project (Intelligent Heavy Rainfall-Related Flood Risk Warning in the Transport Sector) now has access to high-resolution and timely data regarding precipitation fields and intensities over Aachen and the surrounding area.

Full speed ahead

Aachen, 2022-04-01 | Press Release "Intermediate conclusion on the cyber-attack on the KISTERS Group"

After more than four months of digital recovery, the KISTERS Group, which was the target of a cyber-attack in mid-November, has returned to normal operations in almost all areas. 

New Head of Business Development for our Business Unit Water

2022-04-13 | Meet our new Head of Business Development, Michael Thiemann!

Coming from across the pond Michael joined KISTERS at the beginning of this year.

Project ISRV

2021-11-04 | Intelligent Heavy Rain-fall-related Flood Risk Warning in the Transport sector

The ISRV project, which was launched in November 2021, aims to expand previous precipitation forecasts with punctual flood warnings and to transfer these advanced warnings to navigation devices.