Energy Market Roles

Software for Participants of the Deregulated Energy Market

The deregulation of the energy market has “unbundled” the wide range of energy utility tasks and created independent business segments.
Today's energy market involves new kinds of data processing, data communication and operational steps.

Whether you are involved in distribution, retail, trade and production of energy - or just acting as an energy intensive consumer, metering service provider or metering provider – market oriented and high performance software is an efficient tool for maximising your profit and reducing your operational costs.

With the BelVis product family consisting of an array of integrated modules KISTERS serves each participant of this market. The BelVis family of energy software products are based on powerful, technically advanced and mature standard components which can be combined together to fit role-specific deployment scenarios and meet customers' specific requirements. The entire portfolio realises consistent data structure and communication, as well as role-independent use of important methods for processing, analysis and forecasting. These modules are not just simple all-rounders with limited usability, but are equipped with performance and operation profiles to suit each respective role.

Christoph Roenick<br/>Sales Manager
Christoph Roenick
Sales Manager