Remote Meter reading

BelVis AMC

The intelligent all-in system for remote data transmission

The telemetry system BelVis AMC is the ideal platform for remote data transfer - for traditional remote meter reading (AMR) and also for the communication infrastructure in Smart Metering (AMI).

BelVis AMC is the universal software for the Advanced Meter Infrastructure, and facilitates reliable Smart Metering operation for metering service providers and metering point operators. It allows bi-directional communication with various Smart Meters. The central BelVis AMC database is the interface point for practically all electronic metering devices and data loggers, which are connected by way of next generation protocols.

Your Advantages with BelVis AMC

  • reliable, mass-data capable central database
  • Bidirectional connection of various multi-utility meters
  • Transparent routing of metering data

Main functions of BelVis AMC

  • Supports practically all electronic metering devices and data loggers
  • Various protocols, e.g. LPEX, ZRXP, MBUS und SML
  • High performance

Ulrich Pieper
Ulrich Pieper
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