Meter Data Management

BelVis MDM

Smart Metering Implemented with Success.

BelVis Meter Data Management is the metering service provider solution for the operation of intelligent household meters. As a bridge between process data handling and company-wide information processing, its comprehensive functions are available to both sides. BelVis MDM is multi-commodity oriented and conceived with foresight for the implementation of future smart metering requirements. BelVis MDM quickly processes very large volumes of metering data and events from several different commodities at the lowest possible total cost. Mass collected metering data from the various different connected AMI systems is integrated and unified.

Your Advantages with BelVis MDM

  • Mass data capabilities
  • Turbo processing through specialised time series management tools
  • Supports a range of AMI systems
  • Online data display
  • Powerful configuration options for tailored deployment

Powerful time series management

KISTERS Time Series Management (KiTSM), the core of our leading energy data management systems, includes specialised MDM units for the receipt and processing of mass smart metering data, making it the performance core of BelVis MDM. Its functionality:

  • plausibility checks and replacement
  • value generation to ensure the data
  • quality of metering data supplied by the AMI systems integrated calculation server to manage calculation jobs and automatic creation of all time series to be updated
  • logging of running processing
  • system and data monitoring

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Markus Mertesacker
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