BelVis QV

The QuickViewer. Unformatted energy data viewing.

QuickViewer - the name alone is a concept: You only need to download BelVis QV and you can start the evaluation immediately.

BelVis QV is a highly flexible all-rounder for the Energy Data Viewing: After downloading, it allows:

  •      the display of virtually all time series formats
  •      the visualisation of load profile data,
  •      the representation of EDIFACT and other communication data and also
  •      the import of any time series data.

BelVis QV handles these tasks independently of data storages and data formats, and independent of the existing EDM solution. It transforms bare of numbers in clear diagrams and tables.

With BelVis QV you can quickly and easily view, analyze, import, and export time series. For example, EDIFACT files are displayed in a clear readable form, including additional information such as sender, recipient, file type, etc. There are also standard reports or standard procedures for statistical analysis and ad hoc calculations. Also, the data from many metering devices, data collectors and modem types can be displayed clearly readable.

BelVis QV in operation

Some application fields:

  • Recommendations based on load profiles
  • Analysis of load profiles, e.g. from an external utility company for transfer to the EDM system
  • Import of data (load profile and basic data) from various existing EDM systems for formatting for customer presentations
  • Extensive presentation options, such as multiple evaluations (several load profiles in a single graph), list views, duration curves, reactive current compensation, load profile graphs (including correlative presentation of e.g. power, temperature, global radiation), frequency distribution
  • In planning - when measures for peak load reduction, own power generation and CHP units, reactive current compensation, and tariff contracts and systems are required.
  • In general energy and customer advisory services - even without the expense of redundant data storage if the QuickViewer is linked directly to their BelVis Oracle database. Include BelVis QV in your baggage and it will also enhance your on-site customer service, extending ultimately to the option of in-house control of BelVis QV.
  • In monitoring load profiles and consumption rates, general operating parameters and load limits.
  • In defining supply zone structures, consumption trends, malfunctions and interference.

Christoph Josephs
Christoph Josephs
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