Resource Management Optimisation

BelVis ResOpt

BelVis ResOpt is the optimisation software for all participants in the energy market: from the generators and IPPs (Independent Power Producer) to energy supply and public utility companies, right through to energy-intensive industry players. It is also suitable for water management systems.

  • increasing profit
  • reducing costs
  • protecting resource streams and
  • avoiding emissions

BelVis ResOpt for an optimal complete system

Thus the objectives of entrepreneurial trade are set. However, the plurality and interactions of all the means to an end is often a tough code to crack.

Energy sources and sinks, resource streams and transport routes, plants and technical units, procurement and supply contracts, legal and commercial frameworks; an enormous multitude further complicated by short, medium and long term effects operating in deviating directions – the potential for cost saving, increased profit and resource conservation strains the limits of human cognition. Intelligent software support is essential to the optimal allocation of resources.

Optimisation takes place across all sectors, under consideration of all relevant

  •     plant and storage values,
  •     energy procurement contracts,
  •     consumption loads,
  •     CO2 emissions,
  •     legal boundary conditions and
  •     other values and conditions.

The result

  • greater added value from the own system and portfolio, higher profit contributions, lower costs
  • increased operating efficiency
  • best possible, secure and rapid decisions on plant management, resource and contract planning, as well as planning of trade activities.

Main Applications of BelVis ResOpt

  • Asset management and optimisation: structure, operations and market positioning of power plants or other physical generators, storage, transport systems and consumers are improved. 
  • Portfolio management and portfolio optimisation: targeted deployment of procurement, marketing and transport contracts leads to good market positioning and improved management of the portfolio. Mechanisms ranging from comprehensive scenario evaluations through to complex scenario trees are used as support.
  • Resource and energy management solutions with different characteristics: suitable forecasts and management and optimisation functions support transaction processes to the greatest extent possible.
  • Virtual power plants: even operators of smaller plants may profitably participate in the minutes reserve market using virtual power plants optimised with a view to profit contribution.

Dr. Günter Stock<br/>Head of Optimisation Solutions
Dr. Günter Stock
Head of Optimisation Solutions
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