Smart Metering

BelVis SV

Clear Smart Metering Viewer for Your Final Customers

BelVis SV offers a precise internet information service with a quick overview of usage habits for final customers. Simple views and an easy to use graphical interface allow users to quickly access all relevant information, e.g. current and past energy consumption, as well as the current most favourable tariff.

Furthermore, BelVis SV equips energy companies with a new tool to concisely provide information to final customers over the internet. 

Aside from the pure consumption data representations, you can inform your customers, for example, about added value services, energy services, interesting offers and special discounts, thereby raising long-term customer satisfaction. The BelVis SV Smart Metering Viewer allows you to motivate your final customers to get started with smart metering.

Your Advantages with BelVis SV

  • Motivation of your customers to get started with smart metering
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • New communication platform

Main functions of BelVis SV

  • Easy user interface with all relevant information
  • Full control on data access
  • Access is prtected by passwords
  • Easy integration in existing web pages
  • Customisable layout
  • BelVis SV Mobile: BelVis SV Mobile is a browser-based solution for mobile devices
  • BelVis SV Widgets: With BelVis SV Widgets consumption data can be integrated in existing portals (e.g. iGoogle, Wilken, SAP) with ease.

Markus Mertesacker
Markus Mertesacker
+49 8142 65058-11