Process Automatisation

BelVis Workflow

For automated mastery of your processes.

The KISTERS Workflow Management System provides you with all modern possibilities to easily model, control and manage your business processes from a single system. BelVis Workflow also provides integration of KISTERS modules amongst each other in business process chains. Today, automated mastery of process complexity is a fundamental requirement for efficient processing, and thus also for effective competition.

The complete and powerful integration package, BelVis Workflow, is available for all phases of activity processing, modelling, control and management of tasks, processes and responsibilities. This combines energy data management, portfolio management, power plant optimisation, forecasting, system monitoring and time series management into defined business processes for your application and provides automation opportunities.

Simple operation – Flexible uses

  • Control of automated procedures (calculations, backups, hold-file periods)
  • Workflow administration
  • Easy modelling of processes
  • Monitoring of processes
  • Simple operations and flexible use

Optimal process support

  • direct coupling with specialist BelVis modules
  • Modellierung, Steuerung und Verwaltung von Aufgaben, Abläufen und Verantwortunge
  • client and multi-language capable

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Christoph Josephs
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