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WISKI Web 3.0: Data Publication on the Internet > WISKI-Web_en.pdf
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WISKI: Water Management Information System > WISKI-Overview_en.pdf
Do more than react to the effects of climate change; help plan climate resilience with us as we work closely with our customers. We develop digital…
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Water Utilities and Waste Water > WaterUtilities_en.pdf
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Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystems > WaterQuality_en.pdf
Catalysing the transition to clean & renewable energy, mitigating the effects of climate change, and more sustainably managing water and energy…
7. Water
Expertise Industries Solutions Contact Market-leading and flexible software solutions KISTERS water solutions are of great benefit for the…
Software - Hardware - Engineering Services Originally founded in 1963 as an engineering firm, KISTERS is today a medium-sized company that…
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Urban Water Systems > UrbanWaterSystems_en.pdf
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Trade & Procurement > TradeProcurement_en.pdf
Kisters History/Timeline IFRAME EN
Terms and Conditions for On-Premises Services Terms and Conditions of IT Service Providing Terms and Conditions for Seminars/Training…
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