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25. KiECO
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KiWQM and KiECO: Waterquality and Ecology > KiECO_en.pdf
… means that all colleagues, including support, are fully accessible and able to work…
… appropriate metrics to enable 24/7 support Consideration of security aspects as…
28. Expertise
… accuracy. Software solutions can support such decisions and actions. In…
… We not only provide traditional support directly to the customer, but also a…
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Smart Grid > SmartGrids_en.pdf
… in the implementation of use cases Supporting our customers in integrating our…
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WISKI: Water Management Information System > WISKI-Overview_en.pdf
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datasphere: Sensor data and Internet of Things > datasphere_en.pdf
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Metering > SmartMetering_en.pdf
35. Support
Support Our water team is always available to answer your questions. Support
… suppliers and subcontractors to support this and to comply with its principles…
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