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Adaptive water management through intelligent control

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KISTERS partners with ICT Group

KISTERS enters into partnership with ICT Group NV, a leading system integrator in the public water sector based in the Netherlands. ICT Group is specialized in operational technology (OT) such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider, and Wonderware. Both companies combine their competences in order to offer complete solutions for smart water management.

Accelerating innovation

As part of the trend towards smart water management, an increasing number of flow control structures such as gates, weirs, pumps, and inlets are converted from manual to automatic operation in order to be able to control them continuously (24×7) and more autonomously. This requires an integral OT/IT implementation and management, which ICT Group and KISTERS can optimally fulfill through their cooperation.

Smart control with a Decision Support System (DSS)

A DSS with real-time optimisation meets the emerging need for smart water management and contributes to becoming more climate-proof with changing weather conditions such as extreme heat, drought or rainfall. The KISTERS approach rests on the creation of a Digital Twin of the specific water system. Data streams from WISKI and/or Delft-FEWS are combined with detailed simulation models such as SOBEK, D-Hydro and HEC-RAS to obtain the best possible real-time representation of the system. The Digital Twin can be used together with KISTERS Real-Time Optimization (RTO) and the Water Portal. This provides operators with a tool to optimise the management of water resources in an intuitive and accurate way.

The cooperation enables KISTERS and ICT to provide tightly integrated hard- and software solutions that allow our customers to realize their goals and aspirations for smart water management.

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