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Conference: Continuous Trading & Real Time Decision Making

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2nd October 2019, Milan, Italy. Free attendance.

We are glad to invite you to the yearly conference „Continuous Trading & Real Time Decision Making“ organised by IFS Italia.

Date: 2nd Oct 2019
Place: Milan (Italy), Una Hotel Cusani, Via Cusani 13

Topics & Agenda

The conference will be a great occasion to talk to specialists and colleagues about the new challenges of the trading market: More and more complex decision have to be made in shorter times and with an exponential growth of data and information. The kick off of the XBID and the introdution of the continuous trading in Italy will bring a great transformation in our operating strategies, which is already on its way if we consider - for instance - the impact of the 2G smart meters or the availability of renewable production forecast in near real time.

[Download agenda (pdf)]

Free attendance

We are looking forward to your visit. The attendance is free! If you would like to register, Just send an email with name, company and phone contact to the following address:

For speakers:


+49 2408 9385 333


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