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The new Java license agreements ...

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... and what they mean for the KISTERS Water Solutions

In recent months, the computer trade journals and IT forums have increasingly reported on the adaptation of license and service agreements for the Java platform operated by Oracle. This also applies to your Water Solution (WISKI) from KISTERS.

Here you will find some background information and our product strategy regarding Java.


Oracle announced that it would make major changes to its release cycle and support model in early 2019.

So far, Oracle operates the Java technology under the GNU license model (General Public License). Thus, both private and business usage and maintenance by Oracle were free of charge, even for older versions. This is expected to change fundamentally from 2019:

In the new support model, Oracle offers free support only for six months starting from Java version 9. After that, users either have to migrate directly to the next version to continue to benefit from free support, or to complete a paid support contract with Oracle. Oracle support is important primarily to get the latest patches, especially security patches.

Oracle's latest pricing for desktop and server applications and support is listed here:

Effects on KISTERS Water Solutions

Java is the main technology in the server components of our solutions, both directly and indirectly through third-party components. The desktop client does not require Java Runtime.

The WISKI versions 7.4.7 and older run with the current Java version (8 or 1.8.x), which we deliver as part of your Water Solution. Additional support costs may be incurred by Oracle from 2019 onwards. We have successfully migrated the new WISKI versions 7.4.9 and 7.4.11, which you will receive from the first quarter of 2019, to the latest Java version 11. We deliberately chose an OpenJDK variant, since longer release cycles are to be expected from 2019 onwards. The free OpenJDK distributions are still available from various vendors such as Oracle itself, but also from other companies such as IBM, Azul, Red Hat and recently also Amazon, so that users can choose the vendor with the best conditions. Older WISKI versions cannot be migrated to Java 11 due to incompatibilities.

What does that imply for your versions?

We strongly recommend that you follow the WISKI release cycle, regardless of the new situation regarding Java. This allows you to benefit from all improvements in terms of stability and performance. No additional license costs for Java are incurred for the new versions 7.4.9 and 7.4.11. We provide stable and optimized mechanisms for updates to the new versions, which we constantly improve.

If your company continues to use a WISKI version older than 7.4.9 or 7.4.11 (after its release) after 2019, there are two options: You can either work without Java updates or conclude your own license agreement with Oracle. We assume that the IT department of your company will also deal with this topic apart from KISTERS solutions, because Java is used in many other software applications and Windows and Linux computers now also use Java runtime.

If you have any questions about this topic regarding your KISTERS Water Solution, please contact our support ( or +49 (0) 2408 9385 340).

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