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The new version of KISTERS Field Visits raises the bar in terms of performance and innovation.

Field Visits is a WISKI 7 expansion pack, which allows instrument-independent and paperless data acquisition, data retrieval and editing of data during field operations (control, maintenance, manual data readings, etc.).

Periodic visits to monitoring sites are essential to ensure the quality and consistency of the measured data. The objective: optimised operation of monitoring sites with as little as possible downtimes - a basic requirement for high-load and high quality long-term observations.

The new, expanded functions and the new data model of the June Release of WISKI 7.3 effectively make Field Visits more powerful, user-friendly and future-proof. In addition, mobile computing is fully supported. The human-readable mark-up language KiWISKIML enables the user to harmonize data formats, while data exchanges are instrument-independent and platform-independent.

Field Visits provides the standard functionality to input, visualize and process data acquired in the field. Even more interesting is the new function for merging all data and comments generated by all actions carried out during the visit to a single data object called a ‘Visit’. Each Visit is identified by its own set of Meta data and cross-linked with the Meta data of the visited site. ‘Visits’ can be transferred from the WISKI database to a mobile device, taken to the field and synchronised after use. In addition, time series data linked to the monitoring site can be copied from the WISKI database to the mobile device, to be used at the site, i.e. in data visualisation or in complex calculations.

In effect, the new version of KISTERS Field Visits raises the bar in terms of performance and innovation.

Michael Natschke<br/>Produkt Manager Wasserwirtschaft -
Michael Natschke
Produkt Manager Wasserwirtschaft -
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