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Security Warning: Phishing e-mail

Currently there is a phishing e-mail in circulation which aims to obtain usernames and passwords from KISTERS customers. At first glance, the e-mail looks like a legitimate e-mail from our service team, but it is a deliberate forgery.

You recognize, among other things:
1. Sender: The sender "" is not a KISTERS e-mail address.
2. Link: The link leads to a server "" in the Central African Republic, which is definitely not operated by KISTERS.

If you accidentally clicked on the link, you will be redirected to a registration form that looks like this:

Please note that there may be further variants of both the e-mail and the registration form.
Initial analyses have shown that no malware is downloaded from the website, but this may change at any time.

1. Please notify us by e-mail to datenschutz(at) if you have received such an e-mail.
2. Delete this e-mail immediately, do not click on the embedded link.
3. If possible, add the sender "" or the whole domain "" to the blacklist of your e-mail programme.
4. If you have opened the link, check your computer immediately for malware.
5. If you have entered your access data in the fake login dialog despite all precautionary measures, please report this to us and change the affected password immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact our support or our CISO/DPO at datenschutz(at)
Best regards,
Dr. Heinz-Josef Schlebusch
Chief Information Security Officer / Data Protection Officer (CISO/DPO) - KISTERS AG


+49 2408 9385 333


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