KISTERS is a mid-sized IT enterprise in the areas of

  • energy data management and control technology
  • water resources management
  • air quality data management
  • environment, health & safety
  • 2D/3D-Viewing
  • environmental consulting
  • IT hardware

KISTERS is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and is experiencing continuous growth. Professional competence, commitment, and industry experience make KISTERS a much sought-after solution partner. In German-speaking markets, KISTERS is market leader for water management software and energy data management software.

In its team of 540+ employees worldwide, KISTERS unites expert knowledge from fields as diverse as engineering, mathematics, geography, database/application/GIS programming, environmental sciences, IT, … Employee
qualifications in the business division of environmental information technologies are distributed as follows on a percentage basis (excluding administrative personnel):

  • Engineering degree 32 %
  • Doctorate in engineering 6 %
  • Humanities degree 11 %
  • Doctorate in humanities 7 %
  • Degree in mathematics / computer science 28 %
  • Other college degree 3 %
  • Data processing or other education 13 %

KISTERS has grown from an engineering consultancy to a multinational with subsidiaries on almost all continentstoday. The staff, coming from specialist areas like engineering, mathematics, geography, environmental sciences, programming and IT, offers a wide range of expertise and competence, which allows KISTERS to meet customer demands on all levels, and ensures software innovation with IT know-how and practical experience from the various areas of application.

Some of the current innovations, project, and new software developments include:

  • In the water management sector:
    • Involvement in the development of international standards (e.g. in cooperation with OGC, CUAHSI)
    • cooperative partnerships with universities
    • Central Texas Hub and GEOWOW
    • Development of KiWIS, the first software on the market for standardised access and exchange of hydrological data via the internet
  • In the energy market sector:
    • Cooperative partnerships with various universities
    • Involvement in research projects, e.g. Web2Energy.
    • KiTSM, the newly developed time series management as basis for KISTERS software - Faster, more flexible, and more function-rich than earlier systems
    • Patented forecast models in the area of artificial intelligence (AI)
    • High-performance optimisation software (ResOpt) for complex optimisation tasks in resource management
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