KiScript - reading from and writing to MS Excel


The two day seminar addresses all WISKI users who are interested in enhancing the functionality of the program system with own functions.

Under the trainers guidance basics aspects of working with WISKI will be made accessible. Step by step the following topics will be covered 

  • Data acquisition
  • Data import and export to MS Excel
  • MS Excel reports
  • Accessing metadata
  • Scriptserver services 

With coordinated stand-alone exercises one can try out the topics directly in a WISKI system.


  • KiScript – Basics  

Content of seminar:

Based on the topics the following content will be covered, partly alone, partly together: 

  • Concept of file access
  • Concept of database access
  • Connecting KiScript with MS Excel
  • Report development with KiScript data acquisition
  • Access from WISKI7 metadata 


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Uwe Haß
Uwe Haß
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Termin: 16.11.2017

Zeit: 09:00–16:30

Pascalstraße 8, 52076 Aachen, Deutschland

Teilnehmer: min. 3, max. 8

Preis: 1100,-€ p.P. The pricing would be 550 Euro per first user per organisation and per day. The second user would get a 30% discount (385 Euro), all further users would get a 50% discount (275 Euro).