Water Workshop

Save the Date: Water Workshop on the 24th May in London

KISTERS and MeteoGroup are proud to announce that they will be hosting a Water Workshop on the afternoon of the 24th of Mayl in London from 14.00 to 17.00. Location to be confirmed.
The objectives of the workshop will be to present:

  • A review of the climatic changes that are likely to occur in the next 25 years and the pressures that the Water Industry can expect to face.
  • A review of the current flooding, forecasting and analytical tool HydroMaster, the most recent updates as well as a brief outline of the HydroMaster road map - including future technology  
  • General discussion and feedback on HydroMaster
  • MeteoGroup case study – translating weather forecasts into more meaningful business insights using data science techniques
  • KISTERS - from instrumentation to report – pooling different data sets into one location and using big data techniques to validate, correlate and analyse the data into information in useable reports
  • An outline of Hydrology and Hydrologic Solutions from industry experts
  • General discussion about current needs and how we can work together to create best practice in the future.

Who should attend - those working in the Water Industry in terms of the management, planning for and response to weather events. Please register your interest no later than Friday the 24th May to secure your place at the workshop. Refreshments will be available throughout the talks.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Mr.John Griffiths by phone 07813593859 or by email john.griffiths(at)kisters.co.ukand from MeteoGroup Mr. Hutchinson by phone +44 203 868 3335
or by email Robert.Hutchinson(at)meteogroup.com.


The event takes place in London. The location will be announced soon.

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Termin: 24.05.2018

Zeit: 14:00–17:00

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Preis: The Water Workshop is free of charge. Please register so we can calculate how many persons will attend at the Water Workshop.