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KISTERS - Software, Hardware, Engineering Services

KISTERS, a medium-sized company that was founded as an engineering office in 1963, develops leading software solutions for the sustainable resource management of energy, water and air and for environmental protection and safety, transportation telematics and 3D viewing. KISTERS‘ hardware sales department supplies equipment such as large-format printers (2D and 3D) and scanners. The company is also still active in the area of engineering services. KISTERS is a sought-after solution partner in an international context. It has over 500 employees, is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and has numerous international subsidiaries.

Partnerships: Bundled Competence

Partnerships with other companies and the scientifi c community have formed an important part of the KISTERS’ business strategy for many years. This approach allows us to provide customers with a comprehensive, high-quality solution portfolio from a single source. We offer turnkey solutions and provide guidance and support as a full-range product and service supplier.

Corporate Culture

KISTERS’ employees represent a wide array of expertise in areas such as engineering sciences, mathematics, geography, database/application/web/GIS programming, environmental sciences and, of course, IT. Direct dialogue, fairness, a cooperative management style and mutual respect are central elements of our corporate culture. As a company with an international focus and employees of many nationalities, our approach here is a very deliberate one – particularly in the context of different cultures, viewpoints and life experiences. We aim to live and value diversity, including the diversity of our business partners with whom we maintain long-term close relationships based on mutual respect.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Evaluations by our clients focus on three elements: our employees’ qualifi cations and results-oriented work and also the quality of our software, particularly with regard to the following issues: functionality, fulfi lling specialized requirements, compliance with industrial standards, and – last but not least – our dedication to the highest level of customer support and service.

"Air pollution has a noticeable impact on human health. Despite all technical measures and regulations in place, gaseous pollutants and particulate matter abound in the lower atmosphere. Subsequently, continuous monitoring of ambient air pollution and source emissions remains a top priority. KISTERS has the right tool to collect, aggregate and analyze the data: AquisNet."
Edgar Wetzel, Sales Manager Air and Water

"Information Technology solutions developed by KISTERS for the energy industry provide fully-integrated IT support for end-user energy management, procurement, trading, retail, and distribution. The BelVis product family provides facilities for archiving time series data, analysing data to assist trading functions, and prepare the data for further processing and accounting."

Christoph Roenick, Sales Manager BelVis

"Visualization today needs ever-expanding applications for all business process areas and all phases of the product life cycle. More than 10 years of experience have made KISTERS the right consultant. We develop the concepts and solutions tailored to your needs. For example, the new KISTERS 3D ViewStation: Best performance, fast and reliable import for all established 3D systems, functionalities for analysis and integration, all this in line with the market."

Germar Nikol, Sales Manager 2D/3D Viewer