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1963: Founding

Founding of KISTERS engineering company by Heinz Kisters in Aachen, with the aim of building an engineering firm specialised on hydraulic engineering and water resources management. KISTERS current activities in civil engineering and environmental consulting can be seen as the continuation of these early ambitions.

1985: Digitisation of Water Level Data

Digitisation of water level data with a proprietary software developed for North Rhine-Westphalia State Agency for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection.

1987: WISKI Version 1

WISKI V1, created for the Federal Institution of Hydrology und and the Water and Navigation Administration, is the first hydrological information system with database-based time series management.

1989: IT Solutions

KISTERS develops new IT-solutions for scan applications, electronic document archiving and the digital vectoryzation of tidal hydrographs for water management and coastal protection.

1999: Public Limited Company

KISTERS becomes a public limited company.

Founding of KISTERS Ibérica s.l., Valladolid, Spain

2000: BelVis for the Energy Market

In the course of the liberalization of the European energy markets, KISTERS builds up the business area energy markets systems with the BelVis product line.

Founding of KISTERS France S.A.S., Chatou bei Paris, Frankreich.

2004: WISKI for Water Management

Extension of the hydrological portfolio (WISKI) through the acquisition of Hydstra enterprises in Australia and the United States, today
• KISTERS Pty Ltd, Canberra und Hobart
• KISTERS North America, Sacramento und San Diego, CA

2005: SCADA Solutions and Modelling Technology

Extension of the energy portfolio in the areas „optimization“ and „control systems“ through the acquisition of parts of deneg GmbH

2006: Virtual Power Plants & EUS GmbH

With the acquisition EUS GmbH, KISTERS takes up teleservice solutions, virtual power plants und strategic plant maintenance planning, therewith preparing for decentralized power generation und renewable energies.

Founding of KISTERS Shanghai Software Development Co. Ltd, Shanghai

2007: KiTSM - KISTERS Time Series Management

TSM, the new generation of time series management created by KISTERS, is the core of WISKI 7. High performance for big data management that is required on the energy market, too.

2008: Resource Optimisation

Resource optimisation - a new KISTERS core competency: BelVis ResOpt optimises power plant structures, resources, portfolios and systems, considering all parameters, constraints and time frames.

2010: EU Project "Web2Energy"

KISTERS in the EU Smart Grid project „WEB to Energy“. The next step towards the ICT based energy system of the furture. The Virtual Power Plants hand in hand with the subsidiary EUS have convinced the market.

2011-2013: Aquisition and new subsidiaries in Europe

  • 2011, January 1st: DACHS GmbH, Germany
  • 2011, August 1st: KISTERS Schweiz GmbH, Switzerland
  • 2013, August 8th: KISTERS Österreich GmbH, Austria
  • 2013, August 13th: KISTERS Nederland B.V., The Netherlands


Christiane Bornebusch
Assistant to managing board
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