Water Management

The water resources management information system WISKI - your hydrological workbench.

Water Division

The management of water as a natural resource is one of the central challenges of our generation. States and changes must be traceable, and decisions must be based on facts for future verifiability. Our starting point is to transfer the natural world and its dynamics into a world of data points. The technology behind this is called time series management. Its implementation in software and databases has been a core competency at KISTERS for over 30 years, making it a leading force in the field.

Our products are perfectly tuned to their respective environments and allow our customers to collect, manage and analyse large amounts of data and processes accruing in water resources management - while at the same time offering highest efficiency and low personnel costs.

KISTERS Software - Tried and Tested

Our water resources management division focuses on water boards and water management authorities, shipping administrations, environmental agencies, hydropower electricity producers and hydrological services. 

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Dirk Schwanenberg
Dirk Schwanenberg