With the digitisation software KiDIGI you can digitise time series plots and cumulative line graphs of any parameter on any paper format. You can sample data using the continuous mode or the point mode - even for non-full-day cycles. This is a time-saving way to capture data. You can easily make the acquired raw data available to WISKI for processing.

KiDIGI is designed to work with various brands of digitising tablets such as Calcomp and Wacom. However, incompatibilities may result from technical features of interfaces, driver releases and operating system releases or a combination thereof. We recommend to check with our support staff for compatibility information prior to purchasing a digitizing tablet. Recommendation for Windows 7 environments: CalcComp DrawingBoard VI Series with USB interface and 4-button cursor.


  • Stand-alone application with data exchange options into known formats
  • Digitisation of time series plots and cumulative line graphs
  • Digitisation of single chart sheets, strip chart sheets and drum chart rolls
  • Single chart sheets and strip chart sheets up to DIN A 0 and roll formats of any length
  • Configuration of acoustic acknowledgements
  • Export to ASCII files with standard formats (ZRXP,CSV)
  • Supports both point and stream mode digitising and dynamic switching between both modes
  • Automatic correction of reversed plots and interruptions
  • Optional conversion to equidistant values using linear interpolation
  • Option to add influences and free remarks for individual data points or for complete ranges
  • Simple loading of results from files
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Demo tablet for use without digitising tablets

Uwe Haß
Uwe Haß