KiWIS - Interoperability

Web-based interoperability solution for hydrological databases

KiWIS (KISTERS Web Interoperability Solution) is the first commercially available robust software for the online collation and publication of various hydrological data in realtime. Its quick and efficient processes for data requests and distribution make KiWIS the ideal tool for providing large volumes of hydrological data to the cloud, and to make it available to all interested parties.

KiWIS realises improved access to hydrological data and simplifies working with a variety of data sets by generating a homogeneous view of all available data. The software utilises hydrological open standards (incl. WaterML 2.0, SOS, WaterOne-Flow, WaterML 1).

KiWIS simplifies your tasks - and more!

One single application reads all types of different data - a definite benefit for the user and the programmer! KiWIS saves time and money and eliminates problems - because extended downloads in individual files, long-winded and error-prone conversions, as well as data imports are no longer required. The result is a standardised view of all data, which can then be made available online - of course under your complete control via the KiWIS user administration.

Dr. Stefan Fuest<br/>Product Management GIS & WEB
Dr. Stefan Fuest
Product Management GIS & WEB
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