Total Overview at Any Time


Total Overview at Any Time

AlarmManager is the central KISTERS application for information and message management in exceptional situations. It handles incoming event messages, classifies them, and reacts accordingly. Alarm messages are created based on templates, then filled with additional information, and are distributed to recipients via several media types.

The key features of AlarmManager

  • Event messages from different sources are imported
  • Messages are classified by type, time series value and status
  • Basic data are imported from WISKI, BelVis, SODA, Hydstra or from other applications
  • Alarm messages can be exported via SMS, fax, E-Mail, printer, screen pop up, voice message or sound alert
  • A web based user interface is available
  • The application is accessible from any workstation connected to the network
  • The program functions in connection to a database (Oracle, MySQL)
  • The program provides all relevant system information
  • Archiving of all data for later use

EL Mamoun Moqadem
EL Mamoun Moqadem