Data Acquisition


SODA is the ideal platform for data acquisition (push and pull) using multiple communication channels and data loggers from different manufacturers. It allows for the storage of raw data and the distribution of data in different formats. Put simply, SODA brings all data together and makes it available to you.

SODA at a glance

SODA is the allround solution for data acquisition, raw data storage and data dissemination. It supports a high level of data availability in WISKI. SODA communicates with all typical data loggers and data transfer units, and provides support for all of the following:

  • Transfer technology/ protocols: IP-telemetry, remote call, file transfer, web services, e-mail,…
  • Transfer directions: push, pull, D-channel, remote call, …
  • Transfer paths: telephone, GSM, UMTS, GPRS, internet, radio, satellite,…


SODA is not only a reliable and fast automatic data router, but a convenient tool for:

  • Scheduler: data retrieval, tasks, monitoring
  • Central management of all data sources and of the whole communication network.
  • Central monitoring of data transfer
  • Temporary storage of raw data
  • Initial visualisation of raw data
  • Alarm functions (with corresponding extension)
  • Logging
  • Extension Levels


SODAcompact is an integrated system that is optimized for data retrieval and centralisation in small to medium-sized monitoring networks. A maximum of four external modems can be connected to SODAcompact. In addition, communication through web services and via TCP/IP is supported. No extensions are available for SODAcompact. An upgrade to SODAmodular can be carried out at any time.


SODAmodular has interfaces for up to 32 modems and can also communicate via Web Services and IP. In its standard configuration, the SODAmodular system consists of 3 components: The computer unit SODAmodular, the interface unit SODA V24, and the modem rack SODAmodem. Optionally, a second SODA V24 can be connected to extend the total number of interfaces to 32.

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