Teaching and Research

Using Software for Teaching and Research Purposes

The availability of professional measurement data management software at academic institution is all to the advantage of lecturers, students and researchers alike. Potential uses of the software include (but are not limited to) teaching of hydrological data management techniques of practical relevance, active learning with software used in professional environments, and application of advanced analysis techniques to generate new knowledge.

Using a professional software tool, students can practise all techniques to manage measurement data and gain an early insight into their potential future professional life.


  • Practical exercises as part of seminars
  • Teaching the use of hydrological calculation and evaluation methods (rating curves, flow measurements, statistics, etc.) in practice.
  • Retracing individual students' working steps and evaluating their state of knowledge
  • Assignments and dissertations on topics related to hydrological software

The combination of theory and practical use of professional data management software supports that students are optimally prepared for their professional career.

WISKI in Sciences

WISKI - KISTERS' Water Resources Management Information System - is a flexible tool for researchers offering a variety of calculation and evaluation methods and the possibility to program one's own algorithms with WISKI's proprietary scripting language KiScript. Time series data can be tested, tried, verified and compared in a variety of ways.

Dirk Schwanenberg
Dirk Schwanenberg