Smart Energy

Efficient Smart Energy Solutions

Smart Energy solutions require reliable information and communication technologies for all network and market participants, starting from power generation to trade and distribution, right down to consumers.

Intelligent management of all market players and balancing of supply and demand - despite the intermittent feed from renewable energy sources - are only possible with the implementation of high-performance control technology and energy management software. This trend will effectively compensate for the increasing depletion of conventional energy sources.

Advantages of KISTERS Smart Energy Software

Professional competence, implementation and industry experience make KISTERS a much sought after partner. To date, more than 750 participants in the energy market and in the industry have implemented the KISTERS energy management software and control systems. Their reasons are to your advantage as well:

  • completely integrated software suite with components for time series management, load forecast, optimisation and control technology, which can be combined for customized solutions
  • optimally positioned for implementation of business models and projects in the innovative fields of smart energy
  • integration of decentralised and traditional generation with consumers’ demand (prosumers)
  • suitable for RES power generating systems
  • high-performance, mass-data-capable time series management system
  • continuous data flow from extraction to billing
  • reading of all common meter types; interfaces for all common billing systems
  • highly accurate and fast forecast processes, including AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities
  • automation of repetitive processes for time saving in daily routines
  • investment security
  • consulting, project management and support with in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the energy industry
Christoph Roenick<br/>Sales Manager
Christoph Roenick
Sales Manager