KISTERS can now determine chemical data with WISKI

Focus on water quality Aachen, January 2014: KISTERS AG is expanding its WISKI software substantially to include essential components: the measuring data management system of the Aachen-based software firm for water management, now processes sampling data (metadata) and the accompanying physico-chemical water quality information along with the usual hydrological values.

WISKI, the measuring data management system now processes test sample metadata and physico-chemical water quality information, alongside the hydrologic values. (Source: Janpietruszka|

Governmental authorities, water boards and research facilities will greatly benefit from this development. With the expansion of the KiWQM water quality module, WISKI is now a communal database for different departments, which enables to have a full picture of the state of the water and efficiently steer the data management processes.

WISKI is established in the market as an information system for water management. With the expansion of the measuring data management as regards the input, management and analysis of water quality data, WISKI has increased its field of operation. A major plus is the correct assignment of the confidential water quality information which includes the concentration of pollutants, amount of bacteria, oxygen content, conductivity or pH values to the continuously captured hydrologic and meteorological data; such as levels, flow velocity, rainfall or temperature. Quantitative and qualitative data from surface or groundwater can be assessed together and derived indicators, for example, loads can be calculated.

Hydrologic values are continuously collected, while the chemical water quality parameters from the taken samples are only updated after analysis in the laboratory, so thus are “delayed” in being calculated in the measuring data management system. Despite this time delay, the WISKI water quality module is able to allocate the hydrologic measuring value findings of the test analysis to validate the data automatically and to calculate the resulting correlations.   

National, regional and local institutions with separate departments for hydrology and water quality now have the chance with WISKI to manage and assess quantitative and qualitative water data in a single and communally-used database application. Clearly-defined usage, simplified data exchange with faster and more efficient work processes ensures a holistic view of water as a medium.

It is possible to update the software even further with KiECO components and also reflect the ecological aspects. The water analysis is supplemented by biological data from field studies. Taxonomies are available to classify the observed flora and fauna. Users then have the possibility to come to an overall conclusion about the water quality.

WISKI, the measuring data management system now processes test sample metadata and physico-chemical water quality information, alongside the hydrologic values. (Source: Janpietruszka|

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KISTERS AG is a fast growing mid-size IT firm with 520 employees, its head office in Aachen, Germany with numerous national and international subsidiaries. KISTER offers leading software solutions for the sustainable management of water, energy and air. Professional expertise, commitment and branch experience make KISTERS a sought-after solutions partner. In the German-speaking regions, KISTERS software is the market leader in water management and energy data management. WISKI, the KISTERS water information system is software for network monitoring management focusing on the compilation and analysis of hydrologic data. WISKI is used by hundreds of clients with several thousand licenses worldwide in the monitoring of surface and groundwater, meteorology, flood warnings, reservoir operations and security, water quality und urban drainage sectors.

Aachen, January 2014
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