WISKI water management system - receives two awards

KISTERS wins the Computer World Data + Editor's Choice Award with WISKI in the "Big Data" category

Aachen, 2nd September 2014 - For its water management system WISKI, KISTERS AG receives the "Computer World Data + Editor's Choice Award". The Big Data solution collects and validates data on flow rates, rainfall and water levels and from this develops water management predictions including short and long term flood forecasts and their uncertainty bands. Each of these periodically generated ensemble forecasts are continually archived. WISKI analyses all data in real time for different target groups and generates results for various target groups. With this, WISKI provides a unified Big Data solution platform that presents a current, comprehensive and holistic report of hydrological events to industry experts and non-experts alike.

This award honours outstanding Big Data solutions that convey the processing and preparation of large amounts of data within a scientific and technical environment. Here is the core competence of WISKI: the system collects and integrates data from heterogeneous dense monitoring networks. For example, data from major transport connections (bridges and tunnels), overflow basins, canals, dams or rivers are integrated with meteorological or coastal hydrological data sources and placed in consecutive rows. KISTERS’ time series technology is then used to create real-time analysis of the data. WISKI enables the handling of heterogeneous monitoring networks and the management of all parameters in a single interface. The system can be customized and extended, and easily joins together heterogeneous data from different sources.

Measured data and predictions becomes information

Thus, from this plurality of incoming values, data and forecasts, WISKI provides usable information in many different display options. Results can then be shown in tables, charts or maps, and tailored to individual requirements. In combination, the KiWIS software module provides access to heterogeneous data with interfaces to other databases. WISKI WEB and Widgets is then able to present tailored real time information on the Internet to hydrology experts, decision makers in the public sector, as well as citizens. WISKI connects bulk data capacity, high performance and utilization efficiency for all of those involved in every aspect of hydrological science and water economy.

Already established in practice: Central Flood Information Portal

An example of the successful use of WISKI as a Big Data solution is the central flood information portal www.waterinfo.be used in Flanders, Belgium. Since the beginning of 2014, this portal has provided current information on rainfall and water levels in eleven catchment areas and keeps both experts and citizens updated about current and potential dangers. The page is accessible to over 1,000 experts and more than 1.6 million citizens, and is actualised hourly. Due to this broad availability, the system is able to alert its users quickly and systematically in the event of a flood. In July, the system was awarded the "Special Achievement in GIS award” at the International ESRI User Conference 2014 in San Diego, CA. The American multinational ESRI has awarded this honour for the last 10 years for the best conversions of geographic information systems based on ESRI products.


KISTERS AG is a fast growing mid-size IT firm with 520 employees, its head office is in Aachen, Germany with numerous national and international subsidiaries. KISTER offers leading software solutions for the sustainable management of water, energy and air. Professional expertise, commitment and branch experience make KISTERS a sought-after solutions partner. In the German-speaking regions, KISTERS software is the market leader in water management and energy data management. WISKI, the KISTERS water information system is software for network monitoring management focusing on the compilation and analysis of hydrologic data. WISKI is used by hundreds of clients with several thousand licenses worldwide in the monitoring of surface and groundwater, meteorology, flood warnings, reservoir operations and security, water quality und urban drainage sectors.

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