KISTERS completes product range with data loggers

Aachen, March 2015 – KISTERS completes its portfolio with two iRIS data loggers developed by the group company iQuest: the 150FX designed for mobile outdoor use, and the IP-capable multichannel logger 350FX for harsh environmental and industrial conditions. The extensions of the product portfolio now allow KISTERS to offer complete solutions from data acquisition to evaluation from a single source, while at the same time supporting the integration function for data from any third party products.

Full-featured equipment

The low power requirements via a 12V supply offers users maximised flexibility in terms of electrical supply, as the iRIS data logger can be powered via an adapter with 220V connection, a truck battery, and even a solar panel. The integrated flash memory secures data in case of a power failure – accidental data loss is therefore a thing of the past. The devices come equipped with analogue (0-5V, 0-20 mA), digital, and serial inputs (SDI-12), as well as control and alarm outputs. An LCD display, push buttons, and status LEDs ensure easy handling in the field – without the need to carry a notebook. The extremely sturdy, powder-coated aluminium exterior with splash-proof connectors of the 350FX is compliant with protection class IP67, which ensures trouble-free logger operation in moist or corrosive conditions. The CE mark on the logger serves as proof of its compliance with European standards.

Two models for different tasks

The 150FX with two analogue and digital input channels is a compact and robust lightweight device. It is suitable for use in field work as well as for permanent installation wherever space is at a premium, e.g. in narrow maintenance shafts.

350FX is an 8 channel GPRS data logger (4 analogue, 4 digital channels) whose IP-capability integrates the device into the Internet of Things: push communication allows the user access to the latest measurement values without the need for additional communication devices or manual intervention. The logger furthermore offers an analogue output for the excitation of wind vanes or similar sensors, as well as various control channels. This clever combination of inputs and outputs offers the user the option of using the 350FX for basic data logging, as well as for more advanced control tasks, e.g. the control of water sampling or relay operation. The images captured by the optional camera module allow the user a clear view of the measurement conditions and the status of the monitoring location from the comfort of his office, saving time and foregoing cumbersome visits to rough terrain.

Customised devices for hydrological and meteorological measurement tasks

KISTERS offers preconfigured automated measurement points to customer specifications on the basis of the iRIS data loggers, e.g. combined precipitation and level indicator stations including all required sensor technology.

Single source, complete solution or integration with third party products: the customer decides!

With the iRIS data loggers KISTERS completes the portfolio serving the water and environmental monitoring process chain. KISTERS offers customers fully integrated solutions from a single source: from field data capture with iRIS data loggers to telemetry with SODA, and the management, analysis, and publication of verified and evaluated data via the internet with WISKI. KISTERS furthermore supports third party data loggers, and is therefore the ideal partner for data management from heterogeneous metering networks.


KISTERS AG is a fast growing mid-size IT firm with 500 employees, its head office in Aachen, Germany with numerous national and international subsidiaries. KISTERS offers leading software solutions for the sustainable management of water, energy and air. Professional expertise, commitment and branch experience make KISTERS a sought-after solutions partner. In the German-speaking regions, KISTERS software is the market leader in water management and energy data management. WISKI, the KISTERS water information system is software for network monitoring management focusing on the compilation and analysis of hydrologic data. WISKI is used by hundreds of clients with several thousand licenses worldwide in the monitoring of surface and groundwater, meteorology, flood warnings, reservoir operations and security, water quality und urban drainage sectors.

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