KISTERS' Water Management Information System in operation in Wales

Aachen/Germany, July 2015. With the Welsh Environment Agency, Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru/ Natural Resources Wales becomes the fourth country within the British Isles that has opted for the WISKI Water Management Information System from KISTERS. For many years, WISKI has been providing reliable performance and service to the National Institutions Rivers Agency (DARDNI) in Northern Ireland, Environment Agency in England, Scottish Environment Protection Agency in Scotland, and the Environmental Protection Agency in Ireland. In order to introduce the software in Wales, the IT provider needed only half a year for the migration of water management information. Overall, they had to transfer the entire water resources data and 7015 stations.

Today, across Wales, 85 users can access WISKI, with 30,000 records from 300 monitoring stations automatically imported on a daily basis. The Welsh have realised the qualitative detection of the hydrological cycle using the KiWQM tool from KISTERS. Currently they are also, with the help of KiECO, going to integrate biological monitoring data. With this integrated approach, they have the ability to comfortably and implicitly manage all of the biological, chemical and quantitative data of a river basin within WISKI. The experts at Natural Resources Wales have replaced over 40 legacy systems in one fell swoop.


KISTERS AG is a fast growing mid-size IT firm with 500 employees, its head office is in Aachen, Germany with numerous national and international subsidiaries. KISTERS offers leading software solutions for the sustainable management of water, energy and air. Professional expertise, commitment and branch experience make KISTERS a sought-after solutions partner. In the German-speaking regions, KISTERS software is the market leader in water management and energy data management. WISKI, the KISTERS water information system is software for network monitoring management focusing on the compilation and analysis of hydrologic data. WISKI is used by hundreds of clients with several thousand licenses worldwide in the monitoring of surface and groundwater, meteorology, flood warnings, reservoir operations and security, water quality und urban drainage sectors.

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