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Image: Hydrological and meteorological data can be evaluated for data-based decisions with the KISTERS Data Analytics Platform.

Aachen, April 2016. During IFAT week KISTERS will present its entire portfolio of solutions for water economics. The software and measurement instrumentation covers the entire process chain from data acquisition through data management and analysis to decision support and optimization. Modern data management and analysis technology enables comprehensive observation of water: process variables, physical, chemical and ecological aspects of water, as well as the hydro-meteorological cycle all flow together into a single, integrated software solution. With the KISTERS Data Analytics Platform, water and wastewater companies get an all-encompassing and adaptable solution, which, taking into account market specifics, generates manageable information from vast quantities of data. The software provides a solid basis for data-driven decision-making by means of analyses of the current situation, the creation of forecasts with regard to future trends and developments, and recommendations for actions and optimization. Thus for example water treatment plants and water distribution networks can improve the control of their operational costs, while energy costs can be reduced in the production and distribution of drinking water. For this purpose the software integrates powerful components for data acquisition, management, analysis and forecasting. Modular, customer-focused solutions from KISTERS thus offer every company precisely the software, hardware and consultancy package that meets their individual needs.

High quality measurement instrumentation for rain and hail

Alongside the software solutions, KISTERS will also exhibit a high-precision standalone precipitation measurement station with integrated bucket tipping system, RainTrak. This is an ideal solution for deployment in secondary measurement networks in agriculture or urban hydrology. The new hail sensor is of interest to meteorologists, insurers, the wind farm industry and agriculturalists. It determines particle sizes and the intensity of hail precipitation. The device is the first of its type, measuring hail online and displaying the time and the duration of hail storms everywhere. The user can thereby take precautionary measures in good time. All of this can be seen on the German Water Partnership community stand (Hall A5: Stands 315/414).

KISTERS water solutions cover the entire process chain from sensors through data analysis to the publication of data, and they can be integrated with third-party products via defined open interfaces and industry standards. The company has thereby become a vendor of interdisciplinary solutions in the digitalized world of the Internet of Things, providing the technology required for the digital connection of sector-specific applications and facilities. KISTERS solutions combine proven modern technology with expert knowledge about the market for water. The user therefore profits from numerous deployment opportunities, optimized processes and resource management as well as greater efficiency in day-to-day business.



KISTERS is a group of fast growing IT companies with 500+ employees headquartered in Aachen, Germany with subsidiaries in North America, Australia, New Zealand, China and several European countries. KISTERS develops leading software solutions for sustainable water, energy and air data analytics and management. Expertise, commitment and branch experience make KISTERS a sought-after partner. KISTERS Global Water Solution is a framework to build adaptive efficient customer solutions based on modern technology and in-depth understanding of branches and markets.

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