Sustainable Water Conference 2015

Integrated Water Resources Management

For the past 4 years, WWT's flagship Sustainable Water Conference and Exhibition has established itself as the premier event for water sector professionals tasked with building resilience and sustainability into their businesses and managing water resources responsibly. 

The Integrated Water Resources Management Conference, taking place on day one of Sustainable Water 2015, examines the challenges of balancing economics and the environment and will provide a timely opportunity to consider the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and the next round of River Basin Management Plans.

After historical reliance on asset-led, capex solutions to water issues in the UK, the culture change to integrated catchment management and an ecosystem approach to water resource management is in full swing.

Read what previous attendees say about the event.

Join over 100 representatives at this CPD-certified event from government; water utilities; contractors; consultants; local authorities; large landowners and NGOs to hear:

•    The latest on strategic implementation of the Water Framework Directive
•    Discussion of the future of Water Resource Management Plans 
•    Examples of ‘upstream thinking’ and the effects on water-related ecosystems
•    Integrated catchment management case studies
•    Industry-leading examples of managing pesticides and diffuse pollution
•    Expertise on managing both flood and drought resilience
•    How to apply an ecosystems services approach 
•    Costing dilemmas and how evidence based approaches should be informing future investment


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Termin: 16.09.2015

Zeit: 09:00–17:00

Holiday Inn Birmingham City Center
Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham B5 4EW, Birmingham, United Kingdom